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We understand deep tech.
We help founders to scale.

We are a challenge fund focused on finding founders building sophisticated products that challenge the status quo of an industry, a transaction, or the way things are done. 
Our mission is to find founders, that understand technologies, human behaviors, processes adoption, and jobs to be done, that are building a sophisticated-simplicity approach based on a belief that challenges the status quo or creates a new one.
Dissent Ventures focuses solely on very early-stage tech startups looking for hands-on investors and partners.

This are our beliefs.

We don’t come from finance, private equity, banking, or any other not founder or startup investor role. We come from founding, operating, and advising tech startups, investors that invest in tech startups, corporations that are looking to acquire tech startups, and articulating the whole ecosystem, from early-stage to the biggest startups in Latam.


We don’t invest in temporary, disregarded, or unattended market business models. We invest in the 10% of the founders solving problems for 90% of the population through a technological approach to do things differently.


We are hands-on, we are not here to receive monthly reports and analyze spreadsheets; we are here to put all our experience, relationships, and resources from building real startups, developing products, implementing technology, working with all kinds of clients, governments, and companies around the world, at your service.


We have a dissent approach to startups, investments, technology, and life in general;  we know there are better ways to do things by adopting a  brave, curious, and challenging approach. 

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

We are implementing what we preach. 
The venture capital industry has built its own status quo, by assuming universal and irrefutable truths:
-The only way to create returns is by achieving X amount of startups going to 100x.
-The only way to justify an investment decision is by sales or user traction.
-The right way to assess the potential of a startup is defined by the current seeable market.
After founding, observing, advising, and working with hundreds of startups we are ready to challenge those truths:
-We can create returns, not only by hits and home runs but also by designing and partnering with startups that can facilitate and accelerate partial liquidity events.
-We know that is possible to make smart strategic investment decisions based on product sophistication and industry, transaction, or the way something is done, around the world.
-We assess the potential of a startup based on the level of transformation achievable, the optimization, and the belief of the startup against the status quo of the industry, transaction or the way something is done, around the world.

What we are looking for


Deep Tech Startups


VC funds as partners


Big assumption per startup


Countries in Latam


Corporate Partners

Our Partners


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Apply and let us develop success together.

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