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We focus on building.
We drive on investing.

We have been creating and developing global entrepreneurship ecosystems and startups for more than 20 years, by investing, scouting and supporting tech founders, investors, and funds. Also by helping governments, large corporations, as well as top-tier Silicon Valley funds and tech companies to have a better understanding of Latin America. We have the strongest founders network in the region, but also everything needed for a fund or a startup to have a soft landing in any country in Latam.

We don’t come from finance, private equity, banking, or any other not-founder or startup investor role. We come from founding, operating, and advising tech startups, investors that invest in tech startups, corporations that are looking to acquire tech startups, and articulating the whole ecosystem, from early-stage to the biggest startups in Latam.

We have been involved as founders, investors, advisors, and consultants for more than 20 in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. We have a solid network based on years of collaborations, partnerships, friendships, and doing business. This network is powered by long-time trust and respect, not by temporary interests or agendas.

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Pablo Lascurain

Head of Business Design and Parter of Ventures

Pablo has participated professionally in different areas. Lawyer by education, but full-time entrepreneur,  involved in international business, real estate & government consulting, business strategic planning, and technology development. He previously founded 7 companies and currently serves as founder and CEO at inDIP, a company that takes every situation under the microscope to get a deep understanding of the current situation and then designs custom solutions based on our proprietary theories and methodologies, focused on problem-solving, business growth, culture development, and business design.  He is the Director of Startup Grind Latam and he participates actively in the organization and development of the Startups and Investors community in Latam. In 2017 he founded 4founders a Davos-style forum focused on identifying and connecting top 20 startups and top 10 investors from a region to Silicon Valley Investors and Key Players; he has invested in 12 startups, participated as a board member of 9 companies, and advised for 7 VC funds.

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Nora Iñigo

Head of Identity Design

Graphic designer living in Mexico City.
A firm believer in common welfare and cooperative societies. Passionate about the human mind, art, design, senses, and existence itself.

-White Label Business Design Proprietary Service

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